Payment Processing Equipment to meet every need.

Point of Sale

Our point of sale system can do a lot—everything from basic payment processing to inventory management and customer management. You can even sync and oversee multiple locations.

We’ve packed a lot into our POS system—all the payment options you’d expect, plus strategic customization, powerful add-on tools, and robust analytics. And it all comes with some of the lowest processing rates available.

Works With All
Payment Types

Track Valuable
Customer Data

Branded Receipt Builder

Inventory Management

Analytics & Reports

Easy Barcode Scanning

Countertop Machines

Looking for customer-facing payment equipment for your brick-and-mortar store? Our stand alone terminals are easy to use, EMV-ready, and chock-full of convenient functionality.

The PAX A920 includes all the standard functionality of a traditional terminal combined with the convenience of SwipeSimple. This is a cloud-based payment processing solution that’s perfect for a growing business.

Compact & Rugged

Secure WiFi

Easy Digtial Recipts

Works With All
Payment Types


Analytics & Reports

Mobile Solutions

Never let location be an obstacle to accepting payments. We offer mobile card readers that make fast, secure transactions a reality even when your business is on the go.

The SwipeSimple application offers small businesses a versatile platform for payment processing. Standalone terminals, mobile applications, web dashboards—however, wherever you want to do business, SwipeSimple can help.

Offline Functionality

Customizable Invoices

Inventory Management

Cards Stored on File

Next-Gen Hardware

High Level Analytics

Merchant Cash Advance

Access cash on the fly with a Merchant Cash Advance. Use the funds to grow your business and repay the advance with a small percentage of your profits—all without hidden fees.

Our affiliate, Advance America Capital Corp., provides Talus merchants with the cash necessary to finance your business operations. They are not a bank and the funding is not a loan. A small percentage of your credit card receivables is deducted until the approved payback amount is repaid

Access Your Cash

Application Process

No Hidden Fees,

Easy Repayment Plans

Minimum 1 Year
in Business

Must Batch Out 10 Days Per Month

Cost Mitigation Programs

Lower your payment processing costs with our Surcharge and Cash Discount programs. Protect your profitability without sacrificing security or compromising compliance.

We’ll help you eliminate a portion of your fees when you enable our surcharge program. Whether you’re considering a new processor, or already are one of our valued merchants, we’re happy to help you set up a surcharge program.

Help Maintain Current Staff

Fund Advertising Campaigns

Track Valuable
Customer Data

Branded Receipt Builder

Goodly Pay offers the ultimate in Merchant Services for your brick & mortar, online or mobile...

Process Payments 

Process Credit Card and Check transactions fast! Goodly Pay offers an array of POS retail solutions with the latest EMV/NFC and Apple Pay technology. Reduce checkout times for your customers

Manage Your Business

Track inventory, manage your customer profiles, rewards points and past purchases. Market your top customers, manage your staff schedules and have a 360 degree view of reporting. Goodly Pay helps business owners manage their retail locations!

Multi Locations

Keep your operations running smoothly, and easily manage multiple locations with Goodly Pay. We give you the technology you need to manage multiple locations and to view all activity remotely. Streamline your business securely and efficiently with Goodly Pay!

Website Processing

Process payment transactions right through your website! Goodly Pay integrates with thousands of shopping carts. Our merchants get a free Goodly Pay Gateway with every merchant account! We give you the tools to integrate easily.

Prolific Virtual Terminal

Free with every merchant account! Process one time or recurring transactions online through any computer with the Goodly Pay Virtual Terminal. Online processing made easy!

Hosted Payment Page

Build your own payment page in minutes and generate a URL to plug right into your website or email for emailed invoices. Great for donation pages, bill payments, schools and non profits. No developer needed!


Giving you the flexibility to go where you go and giving you the freedom to process payments anywhere, never miss a sale!


Process and track all payment types easily. Track inventory and manage your customer database all through your mobile phone or tablet. Email receipts and go green!


Process payments simply and securely through your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Reward Your Customers and Build Repeat Business with our Gift and Loyalty Solutions

Reward Your Customers

Show your returning customers how much you appreciate their repeat business with a loyalty program to reward them for each purchase.

Generate Repeat Business

When you show your clients you value them, they will always choose you over the competition.

Create Custom Programs

  • Offer a point system, promotions or specials to reward your repeat customers and increase your revenue.


No Additional Cost

Our goal is to help you grow. Our philosophy is that you shouldn’t have to spend more to get more. Our FREE loyalty program comes included with our POS Software!