About Goodly Pay

Aaron Hansen

When I was in my last semester of college I started looking for a job that I could call a career. I was looking at job postings online and I also had a few options that I was looking at, but I was not excited about a straight commission sales job. However, my wife and I both felt like this was a step God wanted us to do. Now many years later I still love helping merchants grow their revenue and influence through payment processing.

I do merchant services which is often called credit card processing. I help businesses have the ability to accept credit and debit card payments in their business, while at the same time leveraging technology to simplify their lives and enhance their customers’ experience.

One of the things I love the most about this industry is that I am able to help people to grow, start, simplify, and improve their businesses and their lives. I also love that I am able to meet so many amazing people that do so many amazing things and learn about how to do business. 

Goodly Pay Values

Let us help your business succeed with our value driven products and services. We understand that succeeding in business means being tightly aligned with core values. Our values are what help guide our decisions and our business. Your success is our success.


Merchants need dependability. Dependability when it comes to running transactions, getting deposits in the bank, and knowing what the fees are going to be. But most of all, dependability of customer service. We are here when you need us.

Goodly Pay Guarantee

At Goodly Pay we have the resources and the relationships to deliver whatever it is that you need. We Guarantee that if we can’t match or beat any competitors offer, or your current fee schedule, we will pay you $500.

Succeed Together

Business people know that it takes good relationships with customers and vendors to succeed. We also recognize that our success depends on our customers success. We provide vital payments technology and service that helps our customers prosper, and therefore we prosper. Together we succeed.


Merchants expect the same integrity they give to their customers when working with their vendors. We promise full disclose of fees, transparency in pricing, and honest feedback and service.

Ready to work together?